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Outdoor Furniture Design

Once your patio is finished, what's next? Designing and implementing your outdoor space. Just like your interior space your going to look for many of the same characteristics that you value in indoor tables, chairs and sofas but with weather in mind.

Before you move forward, it’s important to understand the different options. Choosing the your outdoor patio furniture is dependent on matching your needs with the function of each material.

Material is one of your biggest driving factors.

Material Options:



PROS – Durable, strong, resistant to weather, decay and insects, no cracking or warping

CONS – High price


PROS – Water-proof and strong. Cost effective.

CONS – Low oil content

White Cedar

PROS- Light weight, resistant to decay, insects and termites. Does not warp too much under extreme humidity.

CONS- Hard to find, many require special orders.


Stainless Steel

PROS – Durable, resists rust, and easy to clean

CONS – Expensive, retains heat and not extremely comfortable


PROS – Strong, lightweight, inexpensive and low maintenance

CONS – Retains heat, light and cheap feeling


PROS – Durable & Heavy

CONS – Rusts easily, requires more maintenance

Other Options:


PROS – Extremely weather-resistant, easy to clean

CONS – Dependent on the quality you get can be lightweight and cheap feeling


PROS – Long-lasting, strong, can make any shape and inlay lights into it as well as stain colors

CONS – Once poured it can be difficult to move