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Not all grills are created equal !

Once your outdoor patio is complete and you start to create your dream space a grill is the main centerpoint. When choosing a grill there are many inputs that help develop what grill is right for you.

Gas vs Charcoal

Ahh the age old dispute, I am sure you have your preference but do you know the pros and cons of each?

Charcoal Grill


  • Taste: when using a charcoal grill it wil sear your meat and vegetables quickly, creating a caramelized exterior.

  • Cost: Charcoal grills are very budget friendly

  • Heat: Typically, charcoal grills reach a higher temperature than gas grills


  • Time: Charcoal grills take much longer to heat up

  • Fuel: A 20-pound bag of charcoal will typically only yield three grilling sessions.

  • Non- Versatility: Once your grill is heated up that's the temperature you need to cook all your food at, which can prove hard with things like vegetables.

Gas Grill


  • Looks: a gas grill gives your outdoor space a complete look and with so many unique styled grills with options from lights to mobile heat apps your sure to impress.

  • Convenience: with a flick of a switch your grill is on and ready to go

  • Clean Up: At the end of your cooking you heat the grill us and simply scrub with a brush, Walla your done.

  • Fuel: A normal 20 pound propane take can last up to 30 days !


  • Cost: Gas grills cost more but typically come with a warrenty

  • Space: Are usually larger than charcoal grill and will require a space away from the home

  • Portable: Are not portable if attached to a natural gas line

We work with many vendors that offer a premier line of grills, such as Summerset Professional Grills as well as Blaze Grills. Please see links below. Contact us today !

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