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Thinking about an outdoor kitchen? Here is a few options to consider.

Your layout of your outdoor kitchen is the most important aspect, Where will people sit? Prep space for cooking? Covered space or not ? Below are a few options on what to put into your design .

Grill: Built in or Portable

Grills are the center point on the outdoor kitchen guests can gather around the grill and socialize as dinner is being prepared. So whats the better option ?

Portable gives you flexibility to move around the area if needed they tend to be more cost conscious as well.

Built-ins add a level of elegance to your outdoor space, they offer a designated cooking area, and can be built to include counter prep space. If you are a entertainer and will be using your grill often this is the choice for you!

Countertops :


Granite is a durable natural stone that holds up well in the elements. Granite when properly sealed is resistant to stains, mold, and mildew.


Tile is a good choice for warmer areas but does not hold up great in colder climates as the grout can crack during he thawing process. Using larger tiles can help with this issue. Using porcelain and granite tiles are suggested.


Concrete is a very cost effective option. Concrete can withstand most elements and can be dyed for

differ color variations. Another great options with concrete is the ability to add inlays of lighting, copper and other items in the concrete

(see photo )

Coverage :

Do you want coverage from the elements over your outdoor kitchen? Here are some options


Pergola is a great options for semi sun shade so its not complete blocked off. This will maximize

your outdoor space and will create a visual interest. Pergolas are versatile and have many things your can add to them to give you the ideal coverage such as screens, canopies even glass roofs !

Covered porch

You can extend a cover porch from your home over your outdoor kitchen. This is more structural but gives you 100% coverage from the elements. Being able to use the space any time regardless of rain etc .

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