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How long does the Landscape Design/Build process take ?

Well it varies depending on the steps below:

Step 1: Budget, Cost & Time-Frame

Budget- Revealing a realistic budget to your designer on the initial visit will speed up the process tremendously. This gives the designer a jump off point and eliminates drastic changes and sticker shock.

Cost-For simple installations you can expect to pay about 5- 10% of your home value. For larger designs a lot 10-15% of your home value.

Time-Frame-Once the initial meeting is complete, it will take the designer about 3-4 weeks for the designer to complete the design. So make sure to keep that in mind if your looking to have your project complete sooner in the season. You should really be contacting your designer in early February-March to get a spring installation.

Step 2: Final Design & Installtion

Final Design-If you expressed your needs and budget clearly this phase should be easy and quick ! Taking about 1 week.

Installation- In upstate NY installation starts in April and ends by November. Simple designs should take about 1 week for installation, more precise projects will take about 2-3 weeks ( depending on weather)

So how long does it take ? Its all up to you! To speed up the process have a budget and discuss it with your designer they can lead you in the right direction to get what you want within your budget. Lastly be patient the landscape designers goal is the create your outdoor dream.

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