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2019 Landscape Trends !

Vertical Landscape Design -

Essentially a 2 in 1 landscape, functional elements that serve a dual purpose. Such a retaining wall that includes built in seating or a color garden & plantings that doubles as a privacy barrier. 2019 calls for thinking outside the box!

Pergolas -

Pergolas are now getting an upgrade with added features such as roll down projector screens, lighting and speakers. This could be a perfect addition to your backyard space.

Landscape Light-

Lighting adds that final touch to an outdoor space. With more options than ever such as colors, dimmers and lighting in your walkway. Lighting features are a low cost way to make your outdoor space look complete.

Fire Pits-

Adding ambiance through a fire makes it impossible to leave your outdoor space. With many options beyond the basic campfire. Gas fire pits are clean, safe and faster to light than traditional wood burning pits as well as added features such as colored glass that makes your outdoor space pop!

Lewis Landscape Solutions specializes in all these outdoor trends and would like to be able to partner with you to create your outdoor dream .

Photo Reference Belgard

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