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Benefits of Planning Your Hardscape Project in Winter

1. Time to plan and find the right solution!

Planning your outdoor living space should take as much time as you would take to plan an addition to your home.

Do your research on what you would like your outdoor space to look like. Contact Lewis Landscape Solutions for a initial walk around we then can provide you materials such as products and brochures. This will help you pick the right products for your activity and looks of the space.

2. Get on the schedule first !

Once a final proposal is approved, the landscape construction project can be scheduled. Meaning you can have your outdoor oasis completed and ready right when the snow melts ! Giving you in the entire summer and beyond to enjoy your space.

If you wait to plan your project until spring, it may be fall before you can schedule your project. Getting a jump start on planning can be the difference of weeks, if not months!

3. Discover where your property needs help

If you begin working with Lewis Landscape Solutions now we will have an opportunity to look at your property and determine if there are any issues they need to address such as standing water,drainage issues, etc.

Knowing these issues ahead of time means they can fix the problem before the outdoor space is completed making the project go much smoother.

Properly planning for your outdoor construction project is paramount to its success. The planning process is more important and involved than you might initially think.

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