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Why Seal Your Paver Patio ?

After investing in a paver patio, customers often wonder whether they should seal it.

A sealer will make pavers resistant to stains, oil, dirt etc. Because sealers soaks in this will help harden the joint sand .We highly recommend to our customers to seal their pavers to protect their investment .Below are a few other reason you would want to seal your patio before winter.

  • Inhibits weeds and grass in joints

  • Reduces moss growth

  • Deters ants and other insects

  • Prevents loss of sand in joints

  • Helps repel oil, grease, grime and stains

  • Easier routine cleaning

  • Enhances color, texture and brightness

  • Resists the effects of harsh weather conditions

  • Provides protection from salt damage

  • Reduces surface deterioration and wear

  • Reduces paver loosening and cracks

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