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Choosing an outdoor fire pit.

Nothing completes your outdoor living space quite like a nice fire pit. This is the center of entertaining and relaxation.

So how do you choose ?

First thing is to consider your space and what you can accommodate . Normally you want to leave about 8 feet of space between your home and the fire pit.

Then what type ?


Wood firepits need plenty of room and ventilation due to high amounts of smoke and sparks .But wood firepits are cost effective for a semi permanent need.

Natural Gas

Natural gas fire pits need an access to natural gas from the home.You have to run a line from the home to the pit .Which cost more upfront but a nautral gas fire pit is a close to 40% less than the cost of propane and it has better control over the flame so you can enjoy without sparks and smoke being a concern.


These are the most versatile of the 3 and can be moved if things change with your landscaping. These are normally smaller than natural gas and need to have the fuel monitored .

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