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Maintenance with new lawn seeding

For newly seeded lawns, set sprinklers to mist the surface four times a day, beginning at 7 A.M. and finishing at 6 P.M. Keep the seedbed moist, but not saturated, to a depth of 1- to 2-inches. As seedlings grow to a height of 2-inches, reduce the frequency but increase the depth of watering.

Begin mowing after the grass has grown to a height of 3 or 4 inches , before it falls over in a slight breeze. Set the throttle of your mower on low to help prevent seedlings from uprooting. For your first mowing, remove just enough (1/2- to 3/4-inch) to give your lawn an even appearance.

Next time, cut to the maximum height recommended for your type of grass, but do not remove more than 30% of the blade in any single mowing. Once sprigs and plug are established, regular mowing will encourage lateral spreading. Now enjoy your new grass !

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